1. Pool repair. How long does it take?

It depends on the size and shape, and other possible circumstances, as no two Pools are the same, however an 8 x 4m pool could be refurbished in two days.

2. How long are the materials guaranteed for?

Customers receive a 10 year guarantee.

3. How long will my membrane last?

There are Pools in Alicante that are still working which were installed with Alkorplan more than 20 years ago, even though at that time the membrane was a less technologically advanced product than Alkorplan 3000 available today.

4. Can I have a drawing of my choice printed on the bottom of my pool?

We can personalise drawings to the customer’s taste, no matter what size, shape or colour. The only limit is your imagination.

5. I want to avoid the little green lines which appear between the tile joints. Will fitting Alkorplan solve this problem?

The Alkorplan 3000 membrane incorporates an effective fungicide against microorganisms, which we use to avoid the appearance of algae, and of course, those green tile joints.

6. Do the robotic cleaners for the bottom of the pool work just as well with the Alkorplan 3000 layer?

The robotic pool cleaners are just as effective as in any conventional pool.

7. I have a built-in staircase, if I install Alkorplan will the steps become slippery?

We apply a non-slip membrane to the tread of the steps to avoid slipping, which is safer  than the method used in conventional pools.

8. Can the membrane be applied to any surface?

Alkorplan 3000 can be installed on any surface (tiles, concrete, steel, fibreglass, wood, polypropylene, polyester…), even without building work.

9. What maintenance will my pool need if I cover it with Alkorplan?

The membrane needs no maintenance but it does need water to dissolve the chlorine correctly, if this product is used, and to maintain the PH correctly.

10. How many years has Alkorplan been in existence, and in how many countries is it used?

The Alkorplan membrane has been used to seal Pools for over 35 years and thanks to its quality it has been used in five Continents: in the hundreds of thousands of homes with a pool, in the Atlanta and Beijing Olympics and in many Sports Clubs, Hotels, Campsites, etc…. Its design is perfect for any country or climate due to its high resistance to UVA rays.

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